Profile notifications

Prepr offers the possibility to be notified of events in the application. This way you are always aware of events that are relevant to you. You can receive notifications via the Prepr application, via browser notifications, and via email.

Manage your personal notifications

To activate personal notifications, enable notifications on your profile page. Click on your profile picture and choose ' Profile'. Select the triggers and choose if you want to receive the notification via email or in the browser.

Types of notifications

There are three types of notifications you can receive.

Application notifications

You will always see the notifications in the Prepr application. The notification can be found on the right side of the menu bar. Mark all as read to empty the notification list.

Email notifications

You can also receive notifications via email. The email always contains an action button, so that you can immediately read the comment, go to the user list or check the webhook edit page.

Browser notifications

The third way to receive system notifications is via your web browser. To receive browser notifications, you need to allow notifications in your browser and your Operating System. Please be sure the Do Not Disturb is disabled.

Notification triggers

There are four triggers on which you can receive notifications.

When I get mentioned

In the case you want to notify someone about a comment in a content item, just type @ and (a part of) the name to mention him. Click 'Add comment' to send to notification to your team member.

When a content item gets assigned to me

You can assign content items to a user and filter the content item list by assignee, making it easier to focus on the items you need to work on. To assign a content item, or change the assignee, choose 'assignee' in the content item sidebar. You can assign the content item to yourself as well as to one other user. Learn more about the Prepr content workflow.

When a webhook is failing

Webhooks allows your app to easily receive notifications whenever there are updates to a chosen set of events. Webhooks with more errors than usual will be switched off after 24 hours. All the subscribers to this notification are notified. We advise all developers to subscribe to this notification.

When a new user is signed in via SSO

A new Prepr user who logs in to the application for the first time via Single-Sign On will not yet have permissions. The owner, or another Prepr user with access to the user management, must provide him with the correct permissions. You can receive a notification in case of someone logs in via SSO for the first time.