Managing customers

Customers are all persons who have interacted with your content. Meaning all persons who have read, clicked, shared, bookmarked, or commented on content items. A customer profile is created for each person. You can manage these profiles in Prepr. With this, we enable you to segment and personalize content for your customers. Learn more about capturing events and process customer data.

Add customers

There are several ways to add customers to Prepr. You can add a single customer, or import multiple customers at

Adding one customer at a time

To manually add a Prepr to a customer profile, go to Engage > Customers. Click on 'Add customer' to create the profile. Enter the available fields such as name, email address, address, and additional data such as social profiles and tags.

Import customer profiles

Prepr provides also a solution for the manual import of customers. To do so, select the ' Import customers' button on the customer list. You are asked to upload a CSV file. The import takes place on the basis of predefined column titles. Learn more about customer imports.

Updating customers' profiles

A customer profile can contain the following fields in Prepr:

Section Detail Explanation
Details Full name Customers' first name and last name. You can
search customers by full name in the customers
Job title
Date of birth
Email address Multiple email addresses allowed. You can search
customers by email address in the customers' list.
Phone number Multiple phone numbers allowed. You can search
customers by phone number in the customers' list.
Address Multiple addresses allowed.
Bank account Multiple bank accounts allowed.
Latest activity Overview of all interactions that this customer
with your brand, organization, or website. This
field can't be filled manually but is added by the
API connection of your frontend, or implementation
of the pixel. Learn more about capturing events.
Tags Tags can be helpful in segmenting customers. Learn
more about smart segments
. The default view is a
keyword input field. You can also group predefined
tags with tag groups via Settings > Publish >
Tag groups. Select 'customers' to display the tags
on a customer profile.
Subscriptions The subscriptions of this customer.
Terms Consent given by this customer. For example as a
registration for a newsletter or the general terms
and conditions.
Social accounts The known social accounts of this customer. This
field can't be filled manually but is added by the
API connection of your frontend
Personal access tokens The access token that this customer receives when
logging in to your frontends, such as website or app.
This field can't be filled manually but is added by the
API connection of your frontend

Deleting customers

There are several ways to remove customers from Prepr. You can delete a single customer, delete several at once, or delete all customers from our database.

Delete one customer

If you want to remove a customer from the system, go to Engage > Customers. Select the profile you want to delete and click on the three dots to the right of the row. Select Delete to delete the customer.
You can also select this profile by choosing ' Select rows' in the table header and choosing the profile. Then click on the trash can to remove this person from the Prepr database.

A customer can also be removed on his profile page in Prepr. Find the profile and click to the detail page. If you are sure you want to delete this customer, click  Delete in the right sidebar.

Delete multiple customers

Removing a few customers from the Prepr database is just as easy. Select the profiles you want to delete and click the trash icon to delete.

Delete all customers

If you want to remove all customers from your Prepr environment, select the ' Select rows' option. Select the checkmark, now all 50 customers on this page are selected. The table will display the option to select all customers.

Select all customers and choose ' Delete'. After confirmation, all customer profiles are deleted from the Prepr database. All event data of those profiles are also removed.

The bulk delete is only available for roles with the customer bulk update permission.

Smart segmentations

Prepr offers a range of segment variables to segment a specific group of customers in your database. You can make selections on personal details, as well as interaction data. Learn more about smart segmentation.

Export customers

Prepr offers two types of customer exports: export of a single customer profile (for GDPR purposes) and a bulk export via CSV.

GDPR export

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), gives individuals the right to request a copy of any of their personal data which are being 'processed' (i.e. used in any way). You can easily export GDPR-data from the customer list as well as the customer profile page. A Json file for this customer will be directly downloaded to your local device.

CSV export

You can export the Prepr customer list to a CSV file. Go to the customer list, click ' Export' and select the fields you want to export. We'll process your request and send you an email when it's ready to download.

It is also possible to export a selection from your customer list. Filter the list, for example, based on registration date, age, or gender.

The customer export is only available for roles with bulk export permissions.

Anonymize customers

In Prepr you can anonimyze customer profiles, with which you can more easily comply with the GDPR regulations. Anonymizing customers results in unknown customers: customers without any personal details. Past metrics are unaffected: all engagement with your content will be saved and can be seen in the 'Analyze' section.

Manually anonymizing profiles

Selecting the ' Anonymize' option on a customer profile will make this profile anonymous. All personal data will be deleted, including the email address and name. The profile becomes anonymous and can no longer be traced back to a person.

Anonymizing profiles automatically

Privacy regulations provide guidelines on how to deal with personal data. It's a good practice to delete this data when a customer hasn't interacted with your systems for some time. In Prepr, you can easily anonymize profiles automatically. Learn more about customer data retention settings.