Webform integration

With Prepr you can embed webforms. We offer a standard Typeform integration; Typeform offers dynamic web forms and online surveys. You can easily embed these webforms into your own content items. In order to embed these webforms, you need to activate a Typeform integration and add the content integration to one of your models first. The integration needs a one-time set-up in Typeform as well. Learn more about activating the Typeform integration.

Selecting a Typeform form

You can embed Typeform forms as a fixed model field or as a field in an element. To select a web form, click the ' Add form' button. A pop-up will appear in which you can enter your Typeform forms. Select the form of your choice and click confirm your choice.

Typeform preview

Once you have chosen and added the form, the embed will be visible. For a more clear overview in your content item, you can also hide an embedded form with the ' Hide form' option. Only the title of the form will then be visible.