MUX app

The Mux app connects Prepr with your Mux account so that Mux can handle uploading and streaming of all video and audio assets.

Create Mux credentials

Create an access token in your Mux account - you will need both the access token ID and the access token secret to activate the Prepr app. The access token you create should have “Full Access” to Mux Video and "Read" to Mux Data.

Configure Mux webhook

Part of the upload process includes Mux updating Prepr with the completion of the upload and processing. In order for Mux to make this communication, a webhook needs to be established so that events are sent to Prepr.
Create a new Webhook configuration in your Mux account. There will be a space to add a "URL to notify". Enter Click Save to complete this step.

Activate Mux integration

After signing in to Prepr, click Settings > GeneralIntegrations. Scroll down and find the Mux app, and click ' Activate'.
Enter the credentials you copied from step 1. Select the options you want to apply. You can choose which asset type to be handled via Mux.
  • Enable 'Stream video' if you want to publish all video assets on Mux.
  • Enable 'Stream audio' if you want to publish all audio assets on Mux.
  • Enable 'Support mp4' when all video assets need to be streamed or downloaded with the MPEG-4 format.

Click ' Save'. All video and audio files uploaded to Prepr will now be uploaded to your Mux account.

Updating Mux app

You can easily make changes in the Mux integration. Click 'Manage' to switch credentials or enable / disable the Mux streaming options.

De-activate Mux app

To delete the Mux integration, click the 'Delete' button in the Mux integration.