Typeform app

The Prepr Typeform app lets you reference your typeforms right inside Prepr content items. You have the ability to preview the typeforms directly from the content item editor or you can go to the Typeform editor to modify the selected form.

To use the Typeform app, you need to follow the next three steps:

Set up in Typeform
To start using the Typeform integration acquire Commerce Layer credentials using the following steps:
  • Sign-in to your Typeform account
  • Select Settings, click Developer apps and select Register a new app.
  • Fill in an app name, website, redirect URLs and a developer email.
  • Click Register app to save the new app.
Set up in Prepr
  • Sign in to your Prepr account.
  • Select Settings > General > Apps.
  • Click Activate at the Typeform app.
  • You will now be directed to an authorization modal. Fill in your email address and Typeform password.
Add the new Typeform app to a model
  • Select Settings > Publish > Models and click on the Model you want the integration to be added to.
  • Click Add Field > Content integration and select Typeform.
That's all! 👌🏻 You can now search, select and link forms in your Prepr content items.