Preview content items

Prepr offers various options to preview your entered content. This can be useful in case you want to view the content before publishing.

Content previewing on own domain URLs

Once you have set one or several review URLs in the model, you can easily preview your content on your own domain URLs. Learn more about how to manage review URLs.

You can preview a content item in your own domain once it has been saved. Then scroll to the review section in the sidebar, the first added review URL is shown as default. In the example below, this is the production URL.

  • Click on 'Open in Production' to open the content item in a new tab.
  • Click on the dropdown to choose from one of the other added review URLs.

Content previewing in content items

If you do not (yet) have your own frontend linked to the Prepr API, you can still easily preview your content.
Click on the ' Preview' button in the content item sidebar. An overlay appears with a clear overview of your content. The preview only contains fields that you have selected in your model as 'Show in preview'.