Content preview URLs

Automatically generate preview links to quickly preview your content. In Prepr it is possible to review content items on your own review URL. Typical review URLs are links to a production, acceptance, test, and development environment. Review URLs need to be set once in the model.

Add review URLs

To add one or more review URLs, go to Settings > Publish > Models and select the model you want to update. Enter the review URL construct of this model. You can use {id} and {slug} variables for your construct. Example:{slug}.

You can add an unlimited number of review URLs to the model. The first review URL you set will be shown as default in the content items of this model.

Update review URLs

It is possible to easily change a review URL. Go to the model and select the review URL you want to change. Make the change and save the model for the update to take effect.

Delete review URLs

To remove a review URL, simply click on the trash icon. Save the model for the removal to take effect.