Linking from one content item to another

The content reference is the super-fast way to link to content items from a content item. This feature is often used to refer to topics, authors, or as "read more" functionality.

It is possible to determine the display of this field in a content item yourself. On the model, you select the way you want to show a link field as a pop-up, as an autosuggest, or as checkboxes/radio buttons.

Display examples

All three display options have their own character:

Pop up

This function, as we already offer it, can be used if you want to search for specific content items. In the pop-up, you can search for content items, filter by assignee or model, and scroll through all search results.


You can use autosuggest if you need a specific content item quickly, without having to search extensively. Start typing in your input field and the results will appear immediately.


This option is best used if you only have a limited set of content items to choose from. An example is a topic or author you want to refer to. When you have indicated a maximum of 1 in your model, the options will be shown as a radio button. 

Note: The first 50 items are shown in the checkboxes view. Choose another appearance in the model settings to display all items.

View content item

Another trick is the click-through to the content item. From the pop-up, as well as from the autosuggest, or from the checkbox options you can easily click through to the content item you want to link.

When you hover over the title of the content item, an eye icon appears. Click on it to go to this content item. Changes you make in the title or the status of this content item will be updated in the source content item automatically.