Export and import elements

In Prepr you can easily export and import elements. This prevents duplication and saves an enormous amount of time. Duplicating or moving elements can be very useful in some cases, for example:

Export elements

There are two ways to export elements.
  1. In the list of elements, click on the three dots and choose 'Export'. A download of a Json file of this element will start immediately.
  2. Go to the detail page of this element. Then choose 'Export' under 'Options' to download the Json file.

Import elements

Importing elements is only possible in a different environment than the environment where the element comes from. In the list of elements, click on the 'Add element' button and choose 'Import element'. Select the Json file you previously exported and click 'Import'. Your element will now be imported.

When you refer in the imported element to models, content integrations, or tag groups that exist in both the first and the second environment, these settings are taken over. This saves you a lot of manual configuration.