Twitter integration

Want to publish Tweets from Prepr? Let's first activate the Twitter integration in Prepr and configure the model. Learn more about how to send Tweets once you integrated the Twitter App correctly.

Activating a Twitter app

Activate app

You can add a Twitter app via  Settings > General > Apps. Click on the 'Activate' button to start the integration process.


Enter your Twitter credentials. To complete the integration process, you need to authorize to send Tweets on your behalf. Click on Authorize app to grant this permission.

The success message indicates that you will be redirected back to the Prepr application.

The Twitter app has now been activated. Prepr has added a Twitter webhook automatically, which you need later on in this configuration process.

Add a Twitter model

The next step to configure the Twitter posting feature is to add a Twitter model. Go to Settings > Publish > Models and click 'Add model'. Add a text field, asset field, a content reference field as well as a slug field, as shown below as an example.

You can further specify this model with the following settings:

  • Body: Limit the number of characters in the body to 280. This prevents text from your Tweet from not being posted to Twitter. Select the setting 'Tweet' to enable Twitter mention options.
  • Assets: Limit the number of photo assets to 4. This prevents you from selecting assets that will not be posted on Twitter.
  • Content item: Specify the model to which you want to link articles. This helps your editors make a quick choice.

The slug should contain the link to the content item as it appears on your frontend. Example:{publication.slug}.

Add the Twitter model to your webhook event

A final step to complete the integration process is to select the Twitter model in the webhook. Go to Settings > Development > Webhooks and choose the Twitter webhook under the domain Select the model you added as a Twitter post, like 'Tweet'.

De-activating a Twitter app

To de-activate your Twitter app, simply go to Settings > General > Apps and click 'De-activate' the Twitter App app.