Working with assets in multi-language content items

Do you want to use and describe one asset in different content items? That is facilitated by Prepr: it is possible to add a caption to the asset(s) per content item. In this way, you can have the caption in one content item deviate from the caption in the other content item. This is how you can describe the asset very precisely for your specific content item.

Manage captions in multi-language content items

Do you work with content items in multiple languages? The caption of an asset is language-dependent. This means you can have the caption in one language differ from the description in the other language.
To manage the caption in an asset per language, follow the steps below
Choose the asset for which you want to manage the caption
Go to Publish > Content items and select the right content item. Hover over the thumbnail and click on the three dots. Select the option 'Edit caption'.
Enter the caption in the right language
Save the caption and switch to the content item in another locale
Choose the same asset for which you want to manage the caption and fill in the caption

Save the content item to apply the added captions to the assets.

Note: To enable asset caption in content items, you need to enable this function in the asset fields in a model or element.