Working with asset collections

An asset collection is a group of media files in Prepr. Assets in a collection often have the same specific characteristics, such as golf courses, profile pictures, banners, or stock photos. A Prepr asset collection can consist of all types of assets. This contains photos, videos, audio files, and documents.

Create a collection

To create a collection, click on ' Create collection' in the media library. Enter the title and confirm. Your collection has now been created and you can add assets to this collection.

Add assets to collection

There are several ways to add assets to a collection.

1. Add assets in a collection

After you have successfully created a collection, you will be taken directly to the media browser. Here you can add one or more assets. Select one or more assets and click ' Add' to add the selected assets to the collection.

2. Add to collection from media library

It is also possible to fill a collection from the media library. Select one or more assets in the media library: an options bar will be visible. Click ' Add to collection' and choose the relevant collection.

3. Drag and drop assets from media library

A faster way to add one or more assets to a collection is to drop them from the media library into a collection. Select and drag and drop the assets onto the collection. The assets are added to the collection immediately.

4. Add to collection on asset detail page

The fourth way to add a specific asset to a collection from the detail page. On the detail page, scroll to the 'Collections' section to see which collections this asset has been added to. Select ' Add to collection' and choose a collection to add the asset to. The update will be applied after saving the asset.

Remove assets from collection

You can remove assets from a collection in two ways.

1. Remove from the collection on a collection detail page

In the same way you added assets to a collection from the media library, you can also remove them from a collection. Go to the collection page and select the assets you want to remove from. The options bar appears: click on ' Remove from collection' and confirm your choice. The assets have now been removed from the collection. Was one of the deleted assets the collection cover? Then the next asset is set as cover.

2. Remove from the collection on an asset detail page

Do you want to remove a specific asset from a collection? This is possible on the detail page of that asset. Scroll to the 'Collections' section to see which collections this asset has been added to. Select 'Remove from collection' and save the asset. The update is now applied.

Set a collection cover

Collection covers give an indication of the assets in the collection. When you add the first asset to a collection, this one asset becomes the collection cover. When you add multiple assets to a collection at once, the first selected asset is set as cover automatically.

You can manually change the collection cover by hovering over an asset in the collection. The label ' Set as cover' appears. Click on it to set this asset as collection cover.

Note: Only images can be set as collection cover.

Update collection name

You can easily change a collection name. Click on the name of the collection in the media library: you will now enter the collection. Hovering over the title makes a pencil visible and underlines the collection name. This indicates that you can change this information. Click, update the name, and hit enter. The collection name has now been changed.

Delete collection

To delete an entire collection, click ' Delete' on the collection detail page. After confirmation, the collection will be deleted.

Note: The assets themselves are not deleted and remain in the media library.