Manage existing webhooks

Webhooks allows your app to easily receive notifications whenever there are updates to a chosen set of events. A typical example is when a content item is published, and the API is updated.

Manage your webhooks

To get a quick insight into the webhook performances, go to  Settings > Developers > Webhooks. The list view contains the webhooks in this Prepr environment (grouped by domain), and the selected webhook events. The error rate shows the number of failing webhooks in the last three days. Note: 

Webhook attempts

To manage an existing webhook, go to Settings > Developers > Webhooks and click the specific webhook in the list. All attempts of this webhook of the last three days can be viewed and retried here. You can also view the response the Prepr server received from your endpoint.

Resending webhooks

You can resend a webhook event by clicking 'Resend' in the payload logging.

Error rates

In the case of a 100% error rate on the last day, the Prepr account owner will receive a notification email. If the webhook keeps failing for the next 24 hours the webhook will be disabled automatically.

Switch off webhook

You can easily switch off your webhook temporarily. Go to the detail page of your webhook via Settings > Developer > Webhooks, and disable the 'status' option.

Delete your webhook

When you no longer need the webhook, you can delete the webhook permanently. Click the ' Delete' button on the detail page, or delete the webhook from the list view.