Exif app

The title of a Prepr asset is the name of the file you are uploading. For many Prepr users, those default asset titles are not sufficient, as many file names are indefinable. 

Start using Exif-data

That's why Prepr offers the Exif integration to automatically add metadata (Exif) of the photo, video, audio, or document. 

To activate the Exif import, go to  Settings > General > Integrations. Choose Exif integration and click ' Activate'. You can specify which Exif-data of the asset you want to use. You can choose to replace only the title with the data included in the photo. It is also possible to use the description and/or author of the asset.

De-activate Exif integration

To deactivate Exif-import, switch the toggles off, or delete the integration.