Mailgun app

With the Mailgun app, you can send the Prepr emails from your own email domain. This can be useful if you send e-mail notifications from Prepr, or if you have frontend logins confirmed by e-mail. If you don't set up this integration, the default e-mail domain will be used.

Add a Mailgun app

To activate a Mailgun integration, go to Settings > General > Apps. Select Mailgun and fill in the requested data, such as name and domain.

Log in to your Mailgun account to find the Private API key. Go to Security > API settings and copy the API key, as well as the HTTP webhook signing key.

Tracking events

Once you activated the Mailgun integration, Prepr adds webhooks to the Mailgun platform to track open events and click events. You can check the Mailgun webhooks in your Mailgun account, via  Sending > Webhooks > Your_domain.

When a customer your email opens or clicks on a link in the email, the events are registered as an event on the email content item (such as notification). To have an insight into all open and click events, go to the Analyze section in Prepr.

Updating Mailgun app

When you want to update the app settings, such as name or region, select ' Manage' on the app page. Update the integration details and save the integration.

De-activating Mailgun app

To delete the Mailgun app, go to the detail page of this integration and click ' Delete'. From this moment on, all emails will be sent from the default Prepr mail domain again.