Filtering content items

Finding the right content quickly in your CMS is crucial for an efficient workflow. Prepr makes it even easier to filter precisely the content you're looking for with 'Advanced Content Filters'. So, drill down on precisely the right content, and speed up your content workflow with 'Advanced Content Filters'.

Content item filters

The content item filters allow you to filter your content by model (e.g., All blog posts) and on submodels (e.g., All blog posts by a specific author). You can use the following content item filters in Prepr:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Model
  • Published
  • Language (locale)
  • Channel (deprecated)
  • Tags

The filter by status is not present in the Kanban view, as this content item overview is divided into statuses.

Stacking content item filters

You can stack filters and search queries in order to narrow your search results effectively. Learn also more about searching content items.

Filter on models and sub-models

You can specify the content item list by filtering on the model. When there is a 'Content reference' model field in the selected model, an extra filter shows up in the content item list. The filter shows all content items that are linked to in this model.

Example: "Filter all articles by author Gérard Vue"

You have created an 'Article' model with a content reeference link field to the 'Author' model. By selecting the model filter with 'Article' a new filter on 'Author' is made visible, containing all content items of the 'Author' model. So now you are able to filter all content items with the 'Article' model, where the author is set on a specific author.

Save content item filters

Publishing filters are retained for a session. So the next time you visit the overview of the content items, the last selected filters will be active. If you often use the same filters in your Prepr environment, you can use save content item filters. Make the filter selection and click on ' Save filter'. Saved filters will be visible to all users of this environment.
Give the filter a name and save it. The quick filter now appears in the list sidebar. To activate the saved filter, click on the filter. The filters are entered and the content item list only contains the filtered content items. When you delete a filter, the saved filter is also deactivated.

Deleting a saved filter

To remove a saved filter, click on ' Edit', select the filter you want removed and click on the trash can.