Prepr changelog

Beautiful new features and important updates are added to Prepr on a daily basis. This changelog gives you an insight into the most eye-catching releases. Be aware that updates can be rolled out in phases, and that functions are not always available in all Prepr environments at the same time.

22 June

Introducing Mux: next-level video and audio processing

We're introducing Mux for all new Prepr accounts and are raising the bar for video quality and delivery methods. Mux Video is an API for professional video and audio streaming. Your video and audio files will automatically be uploaded to Mux by Prepr. From there you can stream them using a few simple API calls. Your videos will look beautiful every time, on any platform and at any scale. No matter if your content gets  10 or 10,000,000 views, it will play instantly. 
Compared to our previous video and audio solution, Mux offers various performance improvements that result in a better user experience for both your customers as well as content editors working with video and audio content in Prepr. Uploading video content is now up to five times faster, resulting in a significantly faster editing experience for content editors. 

7 June

Indexing your content items for visitor recommendations

You can use Prepr's built-in personalization engine to show related content by sharing recommendations based on user behavior or the item's characteristics. To start offering Similar content, it is important that your content is analyzed and grouped around common characteristics.

As of today, this analysis takes place automatically with your new content. Write your content, publish it on your site, and our Prepr analysis tool takes care of all text calculations. Start offering similar content on your site or app immediately. Learn more about our recommendation engine.

25 May

Added SDK support for Vue 3

Vue 3 became the default Vue.js version in February of 2022. Therefore, we have updated our SDK to add support for Vue 3. The SDK now supports both Vue 2 and Vue 3. We have also updated our documentation to reflect this change. Learn how to set up Prepr in your Vue.js application.

18 May

Clean up your customer database by merging profiles

Ever noticed duplicate customers in your Prepr environment? Now there’s a way to fix that! We’re thrilled to tell you more.
Prepr’s Customer Data Management feature is a great way to learn about user behavior and it’s the starting point for creating personalized experiences. Maintaining high data quality is critical to making this work. Due to a combination of data import methods, you may encounter duplicate contacts at times. This can lead to inaccurate data analysis, incorrect personalization, and reduced data quality. To fix this we recommend merging duplicate customers. That’s why we developed the new Customer Merge feature.  Learn how to use it in our user guide.

10 May

Exclude bots and spiders from event data and segments

Bots are automated computer programs that click around in a browser, attempting to mimic humans, or to indexing the web. They can either run on servers in a data center such as Amazon Web Services or sometimes, on people’s personal computers that have been infected with malware or a virus (referred to as a botnet).
As of today, Prepr excludes these bots from the capturing of event data. This means that no event will be created for the page visits of a bot or spider, no customer profile, and therefore no engagement score. Click here for more information on how Prepr handles search bots, as well as a full list of all excluded bots.

7 April

Set a user-friendly display name as a list option

Today's update includes an improvement to the list field in models and elements. Previously, a list field consisted of only 1 value; a text line. This means that this field must be relevant for the editor in Prepr as well as for the developer who retrieves the list via the API. This sometimes proved to be a problem. For example, when the developer needs a key without spaces or characters, but this is valuable to the editor.

Now, it is possible to add a key-value as list items. This allows you to give a list item a technical name (a unique identifier, a key) and a user-friendly value that you see in the Prepr content items (the data, the value). All existing list fields are updated to the new key-value format.

6 April

Clarify help text for your editors with markdown

The help texts for a field in a model or element are an instruction to the editors of your content. It is now possible to further clarify the instructions by making text bold or italic. You can do this by using markdown in the help text, such as ** and _. Read more about the possibilities of markdown in help texts.

11 March

Added support for Catalan and Basque locale (ca-ES and eu-ES)

Catalan and Basque locales are now available in Prepr. To set a locale, go to the environment details on the organization settings. You are able to select one or more locales for multi-language publications. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions.

16 February

Rock-solid segmentation for online marketing campaigns is now possible

Today's update includes an important extension to the segment builder in Prepr. Segments are groups of customers based on one or more common details. You can use segments for engagement analysis purposes, sending notifications, or personalizing your content.

As of today, it is possible to segment customers by UTM data (such as sources and campaigns), by referral URLs, and by the number of sessions. You can also segment by browser and device type. At last but not least, you can now segment people by everyone who signed up on your front end.

This extension will be an important contribution to the personalization of your content. Learn more about segments.

15 February

Introducing dynamic links to prevent broken URLs

Today, we have a big update for you. This feature has been requested by a lot of editors and now we are happy to announce the release of dynamic links in Prepr.

To manage content in a CMS you often use links to point to other pages. But what if the URL of a page changes due to a last-minute change, a site structure update, or URL edits for Search Engine Optimization? Then a dead link appears on your website.

This is where dynamic links come in. It allows you to link to content items or assets with a dynamic link that stays in sync with the title or slug. The link is automatically updated when the title, slug, or URL changes. This way the link stays intact when you move or rename content, and you don't have to enter a URL yourself. With Dynamic Links, your URLs will always be correct! Isn't that convenient? Learn more about dynamic internal links.

Match a specific pattern in your text fields

Today's update includes regex validation on text fields. It's now possible to validate whether the value of a field matches a specific regex pattern. For users’ convenience, a number of predefined regular expression rules are provided for the most common cases; email, URL, date (European and US), and time (12h and 24h). Learn more about regex validation on text fields.

Predefine field inputs with initial values

Initial values are predefined values that are set for specific fields in a content model. Today, we launched initial value support for the following fields: text (line, area, and HTML), number, list, color, and boolean.

Initial values help you be more efficient in editing content by letting you focus on editing the primary content fields while secondary fields are pre-filled with the initial values you provided. Any field that contains an initial value is editable: you can change the pre-filled value and fill in the field with a different value.

Format your content item with text alignment

Text alignment is a feature that allows you to horizontally align text in a content item. It enables the composition of a content item using different text positioning on the whole or selected part of the item.

Starting today, Prepr offers four options for customizing your items: left alignment, center, right alignment and justify. Simply click the alignment option, and the text is visible the way you selected. And, also, the API response contains a p style:

<p style="text-align:right"><br>

You can enable or disable text alignment in the model and element fields.

Model and element design update

Today we launched a completely new design for managing models and elements. This new design has been implemented to give you an even faster and more enjoyable content modeling experience. Adding or changing fields has become super clear through the use of tabs in the modals.

Let us know about your experience with content modeling in Prepr! Send us an email to give feedback.

Manage the API names of your model

For each content model in your Prepr environment the GraphQL API creates a corresponding GraphQL Type. The Type name is a PascalCase version of the content model name, stripped of all non-alphanumeric characters. Since today's update, you can manage the names of the Singular type and the Plural type. The given display name results in a singular and plural name; both can be overwritten manually.

6 January

Overall performance upgrade

At Prepr, we find it very important that our application works fast and that all users can quickly perform their tasks in our system. That's why we ended the year with a performance upgrade in which we thoroughly reviewed the code in Prepr CMS. We found out that several code snippets were slowing things down. Therefore, the team optimized specific code snippets for speed. This has improved the performance of the whole system. We hope you've noticed the difference and have optimized your workflow.

3 January

Personalize digital content at scale for exceptional customer experiences

We all know by now how important it is to approach your customers in a personal way with targeted content. But how do you do that? Many companies struggle with this because they don't have enough data, content, or know-how. Next month there will be a major beta release of the personalization engine for a select group of customers.

With the updated personalization engine, it will be even easier to deliver hyper-personalized content. We will then introduce Content Targeting which allows you to very easily specify exactly what content should be shown to a particular visitor segment. For example women or men. Or people who have visited a specific section of your website. You can then show them specific banners that are tailored to their preferences and thus improve engagement with your content.

2 December

Multi-select to copy or delete text fields

Starting today, you can copy or delete multiple text elements at once in the dynamic content field. To select those elements completely, drag your cursor over the elements, or use your arrow keys to do so. Copy the selected elements, paste them elsewhere in the editor, or delete them. Learn more about the dynamic content field in Prepr.

9 November

Publish content on other websites with Embeds Fields

The new Embed field allows you to place a content item from Prepr on another website. The embed field is a shortcode in HTML language to copy and paste into your own website.

To add data dynamically from Prepr to your embed code, you can use variables, such as title and id. When adding data to your content item, all variables are replaced in real-time. Using an embed code is simple: just click the ‘Copy code’ button and paste it on your front end. Learn more about embedding Prepr content on your frontend.

4 November

The icon bar is back in the Dynamic Content field

After the Dynamic Content field was fully live and we received feedback from our customers, we decided to bring back the icons of the different elements in the Dynamic Content field. As a result, you can now quickly add new elements again at the end of the content. And of course, it is still possible to quickly add an element by pressing the slash key and selecting elements from the dropdown.

By listening to our customers, we want to make the most user-friendly CMS out there. Make sure to send us your feedback if you have any: [email protected].

21 October

Add static frontend components to your content items

Starting today, you can add empty elements to your dynamic content field. This way you can trigger the frontend to insert static frontend components, such as banners, marketing widgets, or forms.
An empty element is an element without fields. All empty elements in a dynamic content field are shown as a label. This way you can easily and quickly recognize the elements.

30 September

Add a locale to your content item slug

A slug is part of a URL that usually describes the path to the specific content item: it is the part that comes after your domain name in the URL.

Starting today, it is possible to use the content item's locale in the slug construct. This way you can use different slugs for separate locales. Learn more about working with slugs.

28 September

Publications are now called Content items

Today, we changed the name of 'Publications' to 'Content items'. We have done this to avoid confusion: sometimes publications were confused with the model rather than the content item of a model. In addition, we also changed the 'publication link field' to 'content reference field' for the same reason.

27 September

Now available for all Prepr users: Dynamic content field for smoothly content editing

Today we fully replaced the drag-and-drop editor with an all-new dynamic content editor for all Prepr users. With the new editor, the playground has changed. For this everyday feature, we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and optimize your workflow. Please let us know what you think about it!

26 August

Make your Tweets interactive by mentioning people

With today's update, it is now possible to mention other Twitter users and Twitter accounts in your Tweet publications. Type @ and a part of the name to search for Twitter accounts. This user will be notified immediately after publishing your Tweet.

Please be sure that you have selected the 'Tweet' setting in the publication model text field. Note that this option is only available for Prepr users with the new dynamic content field. Learn more about sending Tweets with Prepr.

18 August

Get notified when something important happens

Prepr offers the possibility to be notified of important events in the application. This way you are always aware of events that are relevant to you. Today, we released the notification management tool on the profile page.

To activate personal notifications, enable notifications on your profile page. Select the triggers and choose if you want to receive the notification via email or in the browser.

16 August

Major update: dynamic content field for smoothly content editing

Today we have an exciting and big update. We fully replaced the drag-and-drop editor with an all-new dynamic content editor. With the new editor, the playground has changed. For this everyday feature, we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and optimize your workflow.

The editor contains a large white area where you can type and easily decide which elements you want to add. To quickly add a new element in your field, press /, and a pop-up will appear with various elements to choose from. You can quickly add, change, delete, or move elements in the publication field.

It also offers common text formatting options, such as headings, paragraphs, and social embeds, as well as more innovative fields such as publication links and assets with cropping and alignment.

The editor feels direct, like a What You See Is What You Get editor. Headings appear as headings immediately, paragraphs as paragraphs, and social embeds as social embeds. Adding, sorting, and removing elements happen smoothly and fast. Learn more about modeling the dynamic content field.

Starting today, the dynamic content field will be released in phases to all Prepr environments and projects.

Organize your publication with sections, columns, and the small publication view

Prepr offers a unique possibility to properly organize the view of a publication for your editors. By using sections and columns you determine the display of the fields in your publication. This is useful for grouping topics, for example.

Columns are used to properly divide fixed publication fields into one, two, or three columns. This is very user-friendly when you use several smaller fields, such as short text fields, list, color, or boolean fields. With columns, you can display those fields next to each other and organize your publication in a very clear manner.

Small and wide view
When you write and manage a lot of texts in Prepr, the readability of those texts can be an issue. Therefore we added the possibility to narrow and widen the view of the entire publication. In longer texts, this is an amazing improvement in readability!

Learn more about how to organize your publication view with sections and columns. Note that this option is only available for Prepr users with the new dynamic content field.

13 August

Automize your content workflow

The Prepr automation tool allows you to let Prepr perform tasks for you fully automated. You can set up an automation by selecting a certain task and a certain trigger. For example, you want to delete an article when it's expired. Or let's say you want to create a tweet or a notification when you create a post. This means you don't have to do work twice if you work routinely. This tool will optimize your content workflow in no time.

To create an automation, just click through the three-step wizard. If - Where - Then. Learn more about automation.

12 August

Added support for Luxembourgish locales (lb-LU)

Luxembourgish locales are now available in Prepr. To set a locale, go to the environment details on the organization settings. You are able to select one or more locales for multi-language publications. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions.

11 August

Design update success notifications

We recently updated the success and error notifications with a new design. This makes it even clearer what went right or wrong, and what action is expected of you.

10 August

App list update: search your apps and filter by status

Today we released an update of the app list (formerly known as integrations). With a design update of the app list, we have greatly improved the usability of this page. The app list is now categorized by type of apps, such as Publish, Engage, and eCommerce. You can search for apps and filter apps by status. Check the user guides for more information about apps.

Design update disabled buttons

We appreciate all user input. So, thanks for all your comments! After the latest design update, we received some feedback that users sometimes clicked on disabled-buttons. Those buttons are visible when you (f.e.) reached the maximum number of publications, users, or environments. To increase clarity and usability, we made a design update on disabled buttons today. It is now clearer than ever that you cannot click on these buttons.

4 August

Update model settings

Today we updated the model settings, making managing model settings easier, clearer, and more user-friendly. When managing a model, your attention is now drawn to the part that is most important. Namely, managing the fields of a model. You can update GraphQL names, validations and review URL's via the button ' Edit settings'.

28 July

Row hover on Prepr tables

Today's Prepr update includes an improvement on the data tables in the application. Every table now has a hover state, so you can easily see which row you have selected. This is especially useful in long tables, for example in the list of publications or customers.

Heading styling in the fixed HTLM-editor

From now on you can add heading styling to sections in our HTML-editor. We’ve added this feature to the fixed text fields with appearance set to HTML-editor.
You’ll find the paragraph-heading switch as the first option in the editor:

25 June

Get real-time feedback on the strength of your password

Your password is very important for the security of your Prepr user account. Today we have therefore added a password indicator so that you can see in real-time whether the password you are using is weak, strong, or very strong.

The password indicator can be found in the onboarding and on the page where you can change your password. Learn more about account security, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on.

24 June

Narrow your search results by searching on titles, slugs, or by publication ID

To quickly find specific publications in Prepr, you can stack filters and search results in the publication list. We've made it even easier to quickly find publications, now that we offer the option to search by title, slug, or ID. Learn more about publication search.

18 June

Segment customers based on interaction with specific tags

Segments in Prepr are groups of customers based on one or more common details. You can use segments for engagement analysis purposes, sending notifications, or personalizing your content. Profiles can be grouped based on a variety of personal details, events, and engagement score.

Today, we added an extra feature to our segment builder. You can now group customers who interacted with a publication with one or more specific tags. So if you're looking for all the profiles that have bookmarked the Alaska publication, the segment builder makes those easy to find. Learn more about our segment builder.

15 June

Easy reuse of your most used publication filters

Speed up your content workflow with saved publication filters! If you often use the same filters in your Prepr environment, you can now save publication filters for quick use in the future. Select one or more filters and save the filter. Now, just click the saved filter to activate.

Added support for Vietnamese locales (vi-VN)

Vietnamese locales are now available in Prepr. To set a locale, go to the environment details on the organization settings. You are able to select one or more locales for multi-language publications. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions.

14 June

Copy the API ID of the story on the story page

For the developers who use stories to bundle multiple publications, we've added a nice feature today. You can now easily view the story's API ID on the detail page (the list of publications in a story). In the sidebar, you will find the ID under the filters. Click on ' Copy' to save the ID to your clipboard.

11 June

Working with agency user accounts

We see that many of our Prepr users have their website or app developed by a web agency. So, today we are releasing a new feature especially for them.

Agency accounts are user accounts of (web) agencies. As of today, these accounts no longer count towards the number of users you can add within your license. So you don't pay for agency accounts. To add an agency user account to your Prepr account, please contact Prepr Support.

10 June

Manage your model names for GraphQL

When you use the GraphQL API to connect your frontend to Prepr, you can now manage the GraphQL singular and plural type name in your publication model. For example, the model name 'News article' generates a type NewsArticle (singular) and a type NewsArticles (plural). Learn more about Type names for GraphQL in publication models.

9 June

Click your slug together

A slug is part of a URL that usually describes the path to the specific publication: it is the part that comes after your domain name in the URL. You can use slug fields to auto-complete the slug construction.

We've made building a slug construct much easier by allowing you to click on the available slug fields. So no more copy-paste from your API names of the model, but simply click your construct together. Learn more about working with slugs.

8 June

Publication published? You can see it at a glance

In a Prepr content workflow, a publication passes from initiation to publication. Content workflows are very powerful for collaborating on beautiful content for your brand. Prepr content can contain various statuses, such as To do - In progress - Review and Done.

The status alone does not say anything whether a publication has been published. A publication is published if the status is 'Done' and the publication time has expired.

As a result of user input, we are now offering an indication on the publication detail page, with which you can immediately see whether a publication has been published. Learn more about working with content workflows.

7 June

Duplicate your publications to the current time

Prepr contains the powerful possibility to duplicate publications. A small update today ensures that the publishing time of a duplicated publication is not copied over, but is set to the current time. This way you can immediately publish your content at the present moment.

1 June

Added support for Lithuanian locales (lt-LT)

Lithuanian locales are now available in Prepr. To set a locale, go to the environment details on the organization settings. You are able to select one or more locales for multi-language publications. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions.

12 May

Create your publications in a publication link instantly

An exciting update to Prepr! Speedy publication linking that dramatically improves how you edit related publications. A publication in Prepr is often related to another publication. For example, an author linked to an article. Previously, it took an average of a whopping 12 clicks to add a new author to an article and change the data. The development team has found a solution for this: publication overlays.

Publication overlays allow you to add and edit related publications directly from the parent publication. So when you write an article, you can directly add an author and change his or her details without leaving the article. You now only need three clicks!

And the great thing is that you can do this endlessly. So no matter how deeply linked your publications are, you can always easily click through and change the data. With publication overlays, managing your content in Prepr has become simpler than ever before. Oh, and you can add roles and permissions to this function as well. For example, you can only allow editors to add a new article and edit existing articles. Boom! You just added a publication in a parent publication four times faster than you used to do.

5 May

Manage segments on customers who open your email notifications

Prepr keeps track of which of your customers opens and clicks through your e-mails. Since today's Prepr update it is possible to segment this group of customers. This way you can specifically reach this target groups, and also view engagement data from that selection. Learn more about smart segments.

29 April

Easily empty your customer lists

There are several ways to remove customers from Prepr. You can delete a single customer or delete several at once. Today, we added the possibility to delete all customers in two easy steps.

If you want to remove all customers from your Prepr environment, select the ' Select rows' option and choose to select all customers. Click the delete button and confirm. Learn more about managing customers.

Of course, this is completely according to GDPR regulations. The bulk delete function is only available for roles with the bulk update permission.

28 April

Generate links to quickly preview your content

Starting today, it is possible to manage one or more review URLs on your publication models. Review URLs are links to your own frontend domains, where you can see what your content will look like after publication. Typical review URLs are links to a production, acceptance, test, and development environment.

Review URLs need to be set once in the publication model. Find it how you can manage review URLs. Nice to know: We regenerated all existing production URLs to the new review URLs.

Design update Prepr tables

Step by step Prepr will be updated with a new, fresh and contemporary design. Today's release adds the new design to the content tables, such as publication lists and customer lists. We also add the new colors to dropdowns, date-time pickers, and autosuggestion input fields.

More to come in the coming weeks, like Prepr in dark mode!

22 April

Embed Typeform surveys, questionnaires, and forms to your content

Typeform offers dynamic web forms and online surveys. Starting today, you can easily embed these web forms in your own publications.

To use Typeform, it is important that you have activated a Typeform integration and added the content integration to one of your publication models first. Learn more about the Typeform integration and form embeds.

13 April

Link your publications even more efficiently

The publication link is the super-fast way to link from one publication to another. This feature is often used to refer to topics, authors, or as "read more" functionality.

Today's update makes it possible to determine the display of this field in a publication. You can show a link field as a pop-up, or display this field as an autosuggest, and as checkboxes/radio buttons. All three options have their own character:

  • Pop up. This function, as we already offer it, can be used if you want to search for specific publications. In the pop-up, you can search for publications, filter by assignee or model, and scroll through all search results.
  • Autosuggest. You can use the autosuggest if you need a specific publication quickly, without having to search extensively. Start typing in your input field and the results will appear immediately.

  • Checkboxes. This option is best used if you only have a limited set of publications to choose from. An example is a topic or author you want to refer to. When you have indicated a maximum of 1 in your model, the options will be shown as a radio button.

View publication

Another trick we added today is the click-through to the publication. From the pop-up, as well as from the autosuggest, or from the checkbox options you can easily click through to the publication you want to link.

8 April

Manage asset parameters per publication

Do you want to use and describe one asset in different publications? That is now facilitated by Prepr. Today's update makes it possible for you to add a caption to the asset(s) per publication. In this way, you can have the caption in one publication deviate from the caption in the other publication. This is how you can describe the asset very precisely for your specific publication.
Working with multi-language assets
Do you work with publications in multiple languages? Then today's update is very helpful for you. The caption of an asset is language-dependent. This means you can have the caption in one language differ from the description in the other language.
Caption in English publication Caption in German publication
Align images in text elements
It has also become possible to manage the alignment of assets in a publication. Set where an asset should be displayed between the text elements on your website: choose left, center, or right to determine the position of the image.

2 April

Export and import publication elements

In Prepr you can easily export and import publication elements. This prevents a lot of duplication and saves an enormous amount of time. Duplicating or moving publication elements can be very useful in some cases, for example:
  • When you also want to use a publication element from one environment in one of your other environments.
  • Or if you want to turn publication elements into shared content elements.

Learn more about exporting and importing publication elements or read our Prepr blog post about Shared content models and elements.

30 March

Sending Tweets with Prepr

Writing and sending Tweets via Prepr is as easy as publishing a website article or web page. Let us show how you can easily publish to this world-class social media platform. You can enter the Tweet text, and enrich the Tweet with photos, a video, and a link to another Prepr-publication. Multi-channel publishing, all from one platform.

Note: You need to link a Twitter account once and set up the publication model correctly. Learn more about how to set up your Twitter integration.

29 March

New indigo color in Prepr application

Step by step Prepr will be updated with a new, fresh and contemporary design. Today's release adds the new design to the Prepr menu bar. The action buttons (such as 'Add publication') are also provided with the new indigo corporate identity. More to come in the coming weeks, like Prepr in dark mode!

23 March

Export customers with special export permission

Prepr has carried out an important update in GDPR compliance. As of today, Prepr users can only export customer lists if they have the special 'export' permission.
To add the permission to a role, go to User management > Roles in the organization settings and select a role. Select the option 'Allow user to export customers' to give users with this role access to the export function.
Note: All current Admin roles with the 'customers' permission have been given this export function.

22 March

Auto-complete your publication slugs with parent publications

A slug is part of a URL that usually describes the path to the specific publication: it is the part that comes after your domain name in the URL. You can use different slug variables to auto-complete the slug construction, such as {id} and {title}.

From today, Prepr also offers the possibility to include linked parent publications in your slug construct. This is a huge asset for Prepr users who point through publication links to other publications in their Prepr account. Learn more about working with publication slugs.

17 March

Start using asset metadata (Exif)

For many Prepr users, the default asset titles are not sufficient, as many file names are indefinable. That's why Prepr offers the Exif integration to automatically add metadata (Exif) of the photo, video, audio, or document. Go to Integrations > General > Exif Integration to specify which Exif-data of the asset you want to use. You can choose to replace the title, description and/or author. Learn more about asset metadata.

16 March

A/B-test winner selection

Prepr A/B tests give you the power to perform A/B tests with your content in an easy-to-implement way. By A/B-testing your content frequently, you increase CTR and time spent. Zoom in on retrieved metrics and learn what content works best – or improve the content that needs tweaking.

Since today's update, it is possible to choose the version you want to continue with. This is typically the version with the best CTR, the winner. Switch off the A/B test option and choose your winner. Learn more about A/B-testing.

11 March

Handling events from Mailgun

The Mailgun integration in Prepr enables you to send email notifications and sign-in invitations with your own email domain settings. Today's update also makes it possible to register who views and clicks your emails: the events are stores in Prepr now. It is therefore important to select the right region and enter the Mailgun signing key.
When someone opens their email, Prepr registers an 'open' event, and with a click-through in the email, we record a 'click'. You can find detailed insights into the engagement score in the Analyze section.

Sort asset field in a publication element

A small update today on the asset field in Prepr. We have now made it possible to sort assets in a publication element asset field. Drag and drop the assets in the order you wish. This update aligns the operation of the asset field with the asset field in a publication model and the asset field in a drag-and-drop editor.

10 March

Update Prepr menu and application URLs

Last night a major update went live in the Prepr application.
Changed menu items
Prepr takes care of the entire workflow of publishing content, engaging customers, and analyzing data. For that reason, the terminology in the Prepr application has been aligned. The most eye-catching changes:
  • Content has been updated to Publish
  • Audience is converted to Engage
  • People and profiles are now called Customers
  • Interactions are named Events now
Most of our users will only see a small number of menu items, as their Prepr access has been defined with a custom user role. To increase the user-friendliness of Prepr, the menu items have been written out completely, so you can surf and find your content even faster!
Updated URL structure
Due to speed improvements and a better, consistent user experience, the URL structure of the Prepr application has been changed. The URL structure is now built in the same consistent manner throughout the application. As a result, some application URLs may be broken.
Note: This change may mean that users with browser bookmarks have to change their favorites.

9 March

Filter on publication link fields

A new filter on the publication list has been added today. In the current situation, there are publication filters on the publication status, assignee, publish time, and tags. You can stack filters and search queries in order to narrow your search results effectively.

Today's update enables you to specify the filter on publication model. When there is a 'Publication link' model field in the selected model, an extra filter shows up in the publication list. This filter shows all publications that are linked to in this model.

Example: "Filter all articles by author Gérard Vue"

You have created an 'Article' model with a publication link field to the 'Author' model. By selecting the model filter with 'Article' a new filter on 'Author' is made visible, containing all publications of the 'Author' model.

So now you are able to filter all publications with the 'Article' model, where the author is set on a specific author.

8 March

Nofollow tags in publication editor

Today's update contains an improvement in Search Engine Optimization. It is now possible to add nofollow HTML tags to links in the text editor.

Nofollow links are links with a rel=”nofollow” HTML tag applied to them. The nofollow tag tells search engines to ignore that link. Because nofollow links do not pass PageRank they likely don’t impact search engine rankings.

4 March

Filter on publication model in webhook trigger

When you have selected a publication event, you will receive notifications when a publication is created, (un)published, changed, or deleted. You can further specify which publications you want to receive notifications from. Select one or more publication models to receive webhook events for publications of that specific model. Selecting none will act as a wildcard. Learn more about webhooks.

3 March

Select all days in schedule

A small update today improves the usability in the Prepr schedules. When you want to schedule a program on all days of the week, you can now click on 'Days'. All days of the week are then selected. As simple as that!

22 February

Publication elements as predefined publication fields

Custom publication elements have been available for a long time in Prepr as a way to define your elements in the drag-and-drop editor. And now, these custom elements can also be used as a standard field in a content model. This allows you to define your content models even better, gives you more control over validation, and lets you retrieve data in a more structured way through the API.

17 February

Seamless eCommerce integrations

We are proud to announce our new integrations for the headless commerce tools: CommerceTools and Commerce Layer. With two clicks you are now able to refer to the products on your website in an article. This integration helps you to work faster and get all the data that you need from one database. Learn more on how to add e-commerce content integrations to Prepr publications.

10 February

Update publication scheduler

We find an optimal and intuitive user experience very important. That's why we updated the publication scheduler, which was closed by default in the publication sidebar. The update ensures that the scheduler remains open when a publication date in the future has been entered, or an archive date has been added.

3 February

A/B-test your way into success

Prepr A/B tests give you the power to perform A/B tests with your content in an easy to implement way. By A/B-testing your content frequently, you increase CTR and time spent. Zoom in on retrieved metrics and learn what content works best – or improve the content that needs tweaking.
An A/B test is a randomized experiment using two variants of the same publication (A and B). Variant A is the original and variant B through n each contain at least one element that is modified from the original. Before you can start testing, you need to create at least one B version of a publication.
Note: A/B-testing is under a Limited Availability Program. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to join the program.

2 February

Send email notification to prize winners

The Prepr Contest Module is a powerful and secure solution to manage prizes, contests, and winners. In addition to the ability to automatically send winners an email notification, we have now added the option to send notifications to winners that have been added manually. To send an email notification, simply select the checkbox on the prize detail page. Learn more about Prepr Contests.

1 February

Removed requirement if the status is not 'DONE'

This update allows you to save a Prepr publication when the status of this publication is not set to DONE. This way you can save drafts or pending publications without entering the required fields.

29 January

Replace old editor with Froala editor in timeline edit modal

Some users experienced problems saving talks in their timeline. This update ensures that only one editor type is loaded when a timeline opens. This results in a significant improvement in the loading speed. Talks are therefore processed faster so that they are all saved correctly.

28 January

Added support for Namibian locales (en-NA)

Namibian locales are now available in Prepr. To set a locale, go to the environment details on the organization settings. You are able to select one or more locales for multi-language publications. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Fix list item field in elements for accepting comma

Users experienced a bug when list options were added together, in case one of the list options contained a comma. A bug fix makes it possible to add list options with a comma again.

27 January

Show and export multiple track break notes

This update of Prepr for Radio allows you to display multiple columns of your playlist export in the Prepr timeline.

26 January

New icons in publication elements

This update also includes an update Font Awesome to the latest icons (version 5.15.2)

22 January

Preview step in media browser

When you upload or select media in the media browser, it is now possible to view all selected assets. Click on 'Show selection' to see a preview of the media items. In this screen, you can confirm the assets, or make adjustments to the selection (such as removing an asset).

20 January

Resource element show invalid URL only when type Webpage selected

An error notification was visible when an invalid URL was entered and type was set to 'Audio' or 'Other'. We added extra validation for the resource element in a drag-and-drop editor: only webpage URLs are validated now.

Add *.svg to accept upload on select type "file" in field

We added support for SVG-files in the Prepr uploader in publications.

19 January

Import profiles with CSV-import

Prepr provides a solution for the manual import of profiles. This import takes place on the basis of predefined column titles in a CSV file. Check the user guides.

Publication status in publication link

A little update on the publication link field contains the visibility of the publication's status. You can easily check if the linked publication has the DONE status, or whether the publication needs to be completed.

14 January

Add segment rules for ‘has full name’ yes/no

Notification when the schedule is not conclusive

For optimal operation of the On Air functionality in Prepr, it is important to fill in the program guides and clock guides completely. We added a yellow notification bar in the guide when there are gaps in the schedule.

13 January

Update search Prepr for Radio

The search function has changed substantially. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Update default search time range for speed improvements
  • Update publication type filtering (removed unused publication types)
  • We've added a click-through to the Tracks, TrackPlays and Memos

11 January

Person webhook events added

Webhooks allows your app to easily receive notifications whenever there are updates to a chosen set of events. Webhooks are often used for deploying a static website when content is changed or syncing data to an external search engine platform. We added person webhook events in the Prepr application, so you can subscribe to be notified whenever a new person (customer) is created, changed, or deleted. Learn more about webhooks and webhook events.

7 January

Preview notification email in publication

When you have added a notification field to a publication and selected an e-mail template, you can now view the example email notification via the 'preview' button.

Move ‘Import model’ to ‘Add model' dropdown

To create a cleaner view in the publication model list, we moved the 'import model' button to the Add model dropdown.

6 January

Add winner on prize detail

It is now even easier to add winners to the Prepr database. Simply click on 'Add winner' on any prize detail page to add one or more winners. Learn more about contests and winners in Prepr.

Add vote interaction on the profile page

Apps and websites can submit different event types via our pixel. We added support for event type 'Vote', which means that votes on publications are visible in Prepr. We also made the 'vote' type visible on a profile detail. Check the various event types on our developers portal.

Add email template from template

Building an email template from scratch can be challenging. That is why we have added a default email template for notifications, so you can easily start sending email notifications. Learn more about Prepr Notify.

Add publication model from a template

Do you want to get started quickly with publication models? We added some default models, such as 'blog post' and 'page', so you won't need to get modeling yourself. Learn more about publication models.

Fix content integration item in publication element

Bugfix for custom data in a content integration, used in a publication element in a drag-and-drop editor.

4 January

Added support for multiple Publication Models in the Publication Link field

Users noted that in a publication model field and in a publication element field, they can only use publication links to publications from one or all models. Thanks for this input! We have now added support for links to all, one or more models. Learn more about publication links.