Notification configuration (advanced)

To send your first notifications, you have to configure a model and segment. If you wish to send email notifications, you need also to design an email template.

Model configuration

Notifications are content items with a title, some text, and a link to the content item on your frontend (such as website or app). To do so, you need a one-time model configuration. You can use use the following model fields:
  • Text field for the title of the notification
    • Text line
    • Text area
    • HTML editor
  • Drag-and-drop field for the content of the notification
    • Heading element
    • Paragraph element
  • Asset field as a cover image in the notification
    • Only images allowed. This image needs to have one image preset.
  • Content reference field for the content item to which the notification will lead

Email template configuration

The email template used for notifications can be configured via  Settings >  Email templates. This configuration tool gives you a plain text editor for your HTML template.
Use placeholders to insert your content item text and content item image(s). You can also use the link placeholder to the content item in your notification.

Content placeholders

Placeholders need to match exactly with the field ids in your model.

Be aware of the following rules:

  • Image: <img src="{{modelfieldname}}" width="widthofthepreset" height="heightofthepreset"
  • Content reference. You can use three types of link placeholders:
    • {{modelfieldname_url}}
    • {{modelfieldname_slug}}
    • {{modelfieldname_id}}


In the example below, the placeholders are

  • Title -> {{title}}
  • Summary -> {{summary}}
  • Image -> <img src="{{image}}"
  • Content reference -> {{publication_url}}

Customer placeholders

To add some personalization to your notifications, you can use the following placeholders as well:

  • First name {{firstName}}
  • Last name {{lastName}}
  • Email address {{email}}
Note: Your notifications are default sent with the Prepr email services. To send notifications from your own email domain, we advise you to integrate your email provider with Prepr (via  Settings >  Integrations).