A/B test your content items

Prepr A/B tests give you the power to perform A/B tests with your content in an easy-to-implement way. By A/B testing your content frequently, you increase CTR and time spent. Zoom in on retrieved metrics and learn what content works best – or improve the content that needs tweaking.

An A/B test is a randomized experiment using two variants of the same content item (A and B). Variant A is the original and variant B differs, and contains at least one element that is modified from the original. Before you can start testing, you need to create at least one B variant of a content item.

Enabling A/B-testing

Implementation of A/B testing needs a configuration of your website or app as well. Learn more on how to implement A/B-testing on your own frontend. To enable A/B-testing in Prepr, go to Settings > Publish > Models. Activate the A/B-testing toggle. Now you are ready to go!

Start an A/B test

To start A/B-testing, simply click the 'A/B test' toggle in a content item. The current content item will be variant A, visible with the variant A-label prefixed on the content item title.

After the A/B test toggle is opened, you can make a second variant of the content item, variant B. Now change some elements, like the title or cover image, and save the content item. Approximately 50% of your website or app visitors will see variant A, the other 50% the B-variant.

Test result insights

Prepr gives an insight into the A/B test results in the sidebar of the content item view. Open the sidebar to see more information about the underlying numbers. In the sidebar, you will find the number of exposes of both versions, the number of views, and the click-through rate.
A calculation based on the amount of 'expose events' and 'view events' will result in a verdict about the test. The B variant needs to have a 95% probability to beat the baseline for the result to be significant. You need more test results to achieve higher reliability.

Close the A/B test

If the test is significant you can choose to continue with the variant that had the best results. Switch off the A/B testing option and check the test results in the popup. Choose the variant you want to continue with and close the test.

The variant you have chosen will remain, the other variant will be deleted. A/B test results do not persist. So, when you start a new A/B test with the same content item, your content item starts with 0 exposes and 0 views. Any engagement score will remain.

A/B test items in content list

You can recognize content items with an active A/B test, by the A/B icon in the content list.