Import customers

Prepr provides a solution for the manual import of customers. To do so, select the ' Import customers' button on the customer list. You are asked to upload a CSV file.

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Import template

The import takes place on the basis of predefined column titles. The table below lists all column names that should be used in the file. We have also described the required format of the fields. Check the Prepr customer template.

Column title Variable Format
first_name First name
last_name Last name
email Email address Valid email address
phone_number Phone number 32xxxxxxxxx
gender Gender F, Female
M, Male
O, Other
date_of_birth Date of birth yyyy-mm-dd OR dd-mm-yyyy
street Street Only full address allowed
(Street, number, zip code, city, country)
house_number Number (+ adding)
zip_code Zipcode
city City
country Country Only English notation allowed
bank_account Bank account Only full bank account allowed
(Bank account + account holder)
account_holder Account holder
job_title Job title
organization Organization
tags Tags Comma-separated
reference_id Reference Only alphanumeric characters allowed.
terms Terms Comma-separated, format: yyyy-mm-dd:TermID
OR dd-mm-yyyy:TermID

Customer matching

Customers are matched based on the email address:
  • If an email address does not yet exist in Prepr, this customer will be added.
  • When an e-mail address already exists in Prepr, this customer will be updated. If the field is filled in the import file, but not in Prepr, the field will be filled in Prepr.
  • When no email address is imported, the customer will be added in Prepr.

Import handling

After the import, the user will receive an email (one email per 1,000 customers) with the following information:
  • How many new customers have been created
  • How many existing customers have been updated with new information
  • How many customers were already fully present in the database
  • How many rows were imported (and how many failed, reason included)