Working with content workflows

Optimize your workflow: assign content items to team members, work together smoothly, and manage content easily with agile workflows, Kanban boards, commenting, and notifications.


A workflow is a process by which your content item passes from initiation to content item. We’ll explore the power of workflows in Prepr with you.

  • To do
    When you create a new content item, it is first set to status 'to do'. This means that you have yet to start work on this content item. 'To do' content items are typically items in which raw text has been entered and many missing fields. You can save content items with this status, even if required fields have not been entered.
  • In progress
    The moment the content item is further compiled by you or your team, the status is 'in progress'. The content item is built and all fields are now filled with the correct content. You can save content items with this status, even if required fields have not been entered.
  • Review
    The content item is almost finished and needs a final check, then you set the content item to 'review'. If someone else has to review your work, you can assign this content item to someone else (see: 'assignees' further below). You can save content items with this status, even if required fields have not been entered.
  • Done
    The content item is finished and does not need any further adjustments. The content is ready to be published. You can only save content items with the status 'done' if all required fields have been entered.
  • Archived
    Content items for which the archive time has expired are automatically given the 'archived' status. You can manually set a content item to 'archived' if it is no longer relevant to your content strategy. All engagement data of this content item remains available with this status.
Note: A status alone does not say anything whether a content item has been published. A content item is published if the status is 'done' and the publish time has expired.


You can assign content items to a user and filter the content item list by assignee, making it easier to focus on the items you need to work on. To assign a content item, or change the assignee, choose 'assignee' in the content item sidebar. You can assign the content item to yourself as well as to one other user.

To get a clear overview of all content items that have been assigned to a specific user, you can filter the content item list by the assignee. Click on the user for whom you want to see all content items. Select 'Assigned to me' if you want to see all content items that you have to work on yourself.


To make internal comments on a content item, you can use the comment section in the content item sidebar. You can notify other users by mentioning them in your comment. This can be useful when he needs to review your content item first. To send a notification, type @ and the first part of the name to mention your co-worker. Click ' Add comment' to add your note to the content item.

Kanban view

In the content item list, you find the option to switch to our Prepr kanban board. Here you can see which content items have been completed, what items are still in progress and which content items still have to be written. 


When you mentioned your co-worker, they will receive a Prepr email notification within a few minutes. The link in the email will lead you directly to the right content item and they will get the notification in Prepr at the top of their screen.

It is currently not possible to collaborate with several people in a content item (see our roadmap). When another Prepr user starts working in the same content item as you, this will be visible above the save button.