Scheduling and archiving content items

Preview content items instantly within Prepr or a staging environment, and schedule precisely when to publish and archive articles.

Schedule a content item

After composing your content item, you need to decide at what time you want your content item published. 

Publish at the current time

By creating a new content item, the publish time is set to the current time. You can verify the publish time by enabling the 'schedule' toggle and checking the date and time. Change the status to 'done' to publish the content item right away.

Publish in the future

As an editor, you often need to release content at a specific date and time. This is easy to arrange in Prepr. Enable the 'schedule' toggle and the publish time will be visible.

Enter the desired publish date and choose a time. Set the content item to status 'done' and your content item will be published on the entered date and time. Select a publish time: default is the current time, but you are able to publish it in the past, and also schedule it in the future. Select the 'Archive time' to unpublish your content item automatically.

See all scheduled content items

You can see all scheduled content items in the list view and the content item Kanban view. Go to the content item list and select a future time range in the content item filter 'published time'.

The second way to have a clear overview of all scheduled content items is to switch to the Kanban view. The 'done' column contains all content items with the status 'done' and the publish time in the future.

Auto-archive a content item

With the automatic archive function, you will never forget to unpublish a content item. To archive a content item automatically, just enable the 'schedule' toggle and enter the archived date and time.