Working with localization

Multi-channel content publishing also means managing content in different languages. Prepr offers unlimited locales for your content workflow. Effortlessly localize your content into any language. Assign local versions to different users with a dedicated workflow and scheduling for their location.

Adding a locale

Every Prepr environment contains a default locale. You can recognize this locale by its ISO code (i18n), for example, en-US or de-DE. Each environment has its own set of locales. You can add a locale via Organization Settings > Environment Details, then you're able to change the default locale. You can also select one or more locales for multi-language content items. This feature is only accessible for owners and users with the 'environments' permission. Learn more about roles and permissions
Note: Adding, removing locales, or changing the default locale may have an effect on existing content items. Please be aware this change is compatible with your frontend(s).

Working with multiple locales

If you've added multiple locales to your Prepr environment, you can also filter your content item by language in the content item list. Via Publish > Content items you will see a set of filters in the sidebar. The default is based on 'All locales'. The content item title in the content item list is the title in the default locale.

When you create a content item, this item starts in the default locale. Under the save button in a content item sidebar, you will find the locale in which you are currently working.

If you want to write the content item in another language, you can easily switch to that language via the locale switch in the sidebar. If that language is not yet filled in, you will be given the option to fill in the content item fields from another language.

Handling missing translations

If you are viewing the content item list in "All locales" and did not fill the default locale, the 'Needs translation' tag is visible in the content item list. Open the content item and you will be given the option to copy content from one of the correctly filled in languages.