Versioning and restoring a content item

Want to reset your last content item edits? Keep track of all the changes in a content item? Revert to a previous version when needed? And look for older versions in your content item? Prepr offers content item versioning. Every change made in a content item can be seen because of content item versioning. 

Content item history

You can find content item versions in the sidebar of a content item edit. Click ' Earlier versions' to see the version history of this content item. Select one of the versions and click 'View' to open the specific content item version. The yellow notification bar indicates that you are viewing an older content item version.

Restore a previous version

Click ' Restore' to open this version for further editing.

All fields and drag-and-drop elements are versioned. There is no version history of the slug, channel, and workflow settings. Content item versioning is available per locale.