Notification configuration (basic)

To send your first notifications, you have to configure a publication model and segment. If you wish to send email notifications, you need also to design an email template.

Publication model

Notifications are publications with a title, some text, and a link to the publication on your frontend (such as website or app). To do so, you need a one-time model configuration. For email notifications, you can use the default notification model. Go to Settings >  Publish > Publication models. Click on the arrow to select the Notification model, the model is assed to your Prepr account.

Email template

The email template used for notifications can be configured via  Settings > EngageEmail templates. Select the default notification template to have a quick start.
You are ready to go!
Note: Your notifications are default sent with the Prepr email services. To send notifications from your own email domain, we advise you to integrate your email provider with Prepr (via  Settings > GeneralIntegrations).