Model field: Content integration

The content integration field allows you to reference content in an external CMS, a legacy system or an eCommerce platform. A content integration allows an editor to easily add items to content items. Prepr will even keep the data in sync automatically.

Integrate custom content

Note: To use a content integration, you need to set up an integration first. Add the integration via  Settings> Publish > Content integrations

You can add extra authentication by adding key-value headers. Content integration items in Prepr have a predefined schema. Read more. Once you added the connection with your existing catalog, you can use the content of this database in your Prepr content item. Click 'Add content', search through your catalog, and add the items to the content item. Read more.

Integrating commerce content

We also offer predefined content integrations for Commerce Layer and CommerceTools. These are API-first commerce platforms that let you easily add e-commerce to any website. With two clicks you are now able to refer to the products on your website in a content item. This integration helps you to work faster and get all the data that you need from one database.

Commerce Layer

To activate the Commerce Layer content integration, you must first activate the Commerce Layer integration. Go to Settings > General > Integrations to activate . Save the integration to activate it. From that moment on, the content integration is available for your models and elements.

To add a Commerce Layer content integration to your model, go to Settings > Publish > Models. Select a model and add the 'Content integration' field. Select the correct content integration, in this case, the CommerceLayer integration.

The integration needs a one-time set-up in Commerce Layer as well. Learn more about activating the Commerce Layer integration


The integration of Commercetools works in exactly the same way. To enable this integration, activate the Commercetools integration via Settings > General > Integrations. Fill in the requested details and save the integration. The content integration is available in your models and elements.

The integration needs a one-time set-up in Commercetools as well. Learn more about activating the Commercetools integration.

Integrating Typeform content

Interactive web forms with templates for quizzes, research, feedback, and lead generation. When you have added the Typeform integration, you are able to embed forms in your content items. You need to activate the Typeform first. Go to Settings > General > Integrations and activate Typeform. You will now be directed to a Typeform authorization. Log in with your email and password. The content integration is now available in your models and elements.

The integration needs a one-time set-up in Typeform as well. Learn more about activating the Typeform integration.