Customer data retention

Privacy regulations provide guidelines on how to deal with personal data. It's a good practice to delete this data when a customer hasn't interacted with your systems for some time.

Interaction retention

You can easily delete all or specific interactions, such as view, click, win, vote or call. Select the interaction type you want to delete and enter a period. Need any assistance? Contact Prepr support.

Customer data

You can choose to anonymize or delete customers.

  • Anonymizing customers results in unknown customers: customers without any personal details. Engagement data is retained, past metrics are unaffected. Customers with active subscriptions and prize winners are not anonymized.
  • Deleting customers will remove all customer data from the database. All personal details will be deleted, as well as all interaction data. Past metrics will be affected.

Use case (example)

GDPR consent of your organization regulates that all customers will be deleted when this customer did not have any interaction with your brand for 90 days. Winners may not be deleted until 7 years after the win date.

  • Interaction retention: Comment after 90 days
  • Interaction retention: View after 90 days
  • Interaction retention: Win after 2555 days
  • Anonymize customers: Never
  • Delete customers after 90 days after last seen
  • Only delete customers without interactions

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