How do I add a new bulletin to Newsroom?

The predefined bulletins you can find in Newsroom are based on News-items in the clock settings. You can also add one time bulletins in case your newscast differ from the clock settings. We'll explain how to configure your predefined and one time bulletins below.

Configure predefined bulletins

The predefined bulletins you can find in Newsroom > Bulletins are based on the News-items you've set in your clocks. Clocks are the templates of your timeline. Go to  Station > Clocks to see a full list of all your clocks. To add a new bulletin you can add a new News-item to your clock. The next time the timeline will be rendered, the new added News-item will also be added to your Newsroom as a bulletin.

Time in hour
Here you can specify the time of the bulletin in this hour, e.g. if your newscast is set for 14:00 you can fill in 00 as the time in hour. If you leave this field empty, Prepr will make an estimated time based on the position of the item in the clock.

If you only want to add a News-item to your timeline and do not want it as a bulletin in your Newsroom, you can check the display option in the settings of this clock-item.

Adding a one time bulletin

In case the time of your newscast differs from your clock settings (e.g. in case of an extra newscast), you can add a one time bulletin. Go to Newsroom > Bulletins and click the 'Add bulletin' button.

You'll be asked to define a location in the timeline, cause the bulletin you're creating will also be added to the timeline of that specific hour.