Model fields explained

Use our flexible content model builder to structure your content exactly how you envision it. Whether it's landing pages or voice assistant commands, your options are endless. Prepr is fully customizable for your content needs. Define models for your content using a variety of fields and components.

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To create or edit a model, go to   Settings > Publish > Models. Import a model, create a new model or click on the name to edit an existing model. Choose 'Add field' to select one of the fields. In this article, we will explain all available model fields. You can add up to 100 fields to a model.

Default field settings and options

Every model field contains a variety of basis field settings:

  • Title: the title of this field, shown in the content item as the field label
  • ID: the technical ID of this field, for API use for example
  • Help text: this text will be shown to editors below the field
  • Show in preview: if this option is enabled, the field will be visible in the preview in the content item sidebar
  • Disable editing: when this field is activated, it is not possible to enter, change or clear this field in a content item
  • This field is required: enable the option to make this field mandatory
Note: Content items check the API IDs of the model fields. Making changes to existing model fields may lead to broken content items.

Text field

The text field allows you to add text elements to your content item. Check this page to see the text field explained.

Dynamic content field

A very comprehensive dynamic content editor in content items. Check this page to see this field explained.


Prepr supports multiple asset types: images, files, videos, and audio files. Select the types which are allowed in content item of this model. Select also the minimum and the maximum number of assets permitted in this field. Learn more about crop and image presets.

The field Content reference allows you to make a reference link from one content item to another. Learn more about parent and child content items.

Tag field

The field Tags allow you to add metadata to your content item. The tags field can be visible in three different states:

  • Free tag entry
  • Taggroup > Autosuggest
  • Taggroup > checkboxes / radiobuttons

If you have de SEO score option selected in a model, tag suggestions will be visible at the free tags input field. The tag suggestions 

Element field

Elements as predefined fields. Use our flexible content model builder to structure your content exactly how you envision it. You can describe elements best as 'models in a model': a predefined set of fields.

Users often use elements as a drag-and-drop field. You can use your elements as a field as well. Go to  Settings > Publish > Models and add the 'Element field' you like. Your options are endless! Learn more about elements.

Content integration field

The content integration field allows you to reference content in an external CMS, a legacy system of an eCommerce platform. A content Integration allows an editor to easily add items to content items. Prepr will even keep the data in sync automatically. Learn more about content integrations.

Boolean field

A boolean field is a data type that has one of two possible values (usually denoted true and false). In a Prepr model, you can fill in conditions that match best with your organizations' needs (e.g. yes/no).

Number field

The number field can be useful when you want to add numerical data to your content item. For example year of birth, stock number, or product prize.

  • Integer: a number without a decimal point.
  • Float: a floating-point number, which means it is a number that has a decimal place. Floats are used when more precision is needed.


The list field allows you to make a choice out of the given options, useful (for example) when you manage your frontend in Prepr. In a model, you can fill in all list items which match best with your organization's needs.

The 'Single' type will result in a dropdown with a one-option-choice. The 'Multiple' type displays a dropdown with checkboxes, in which you can select list items (with a min/max as given in the model).


The color field allows you to choose a color. Useful (for example) when you manage your frontend in Prepr.

Date and time

The field Date and time allows you to add date field and date-time fields to your content item. You can choose a single view or a range appearance. After this selection, choose a date to use 'Only date input'. Choose 'Date and time input' to use a date and time combination.


The field Location allows you to add Google Maps geo-points (coordinates or an address) to your content item.


Prepr supports several social embeds. You can select one of them for each social field. In a content item, editors can copy paste a social URL. Prepr will generate a preview of the social post.


Notifications to content items can be sent as a Prepr content item. To do so, add the notification field to the model you want to use for notifications. To add the notification field, simply click on ' Add field' en select ' Notification'.

It is possible to use group segments when 'customer sharing' is enabled in your Prepr account. Once the notification field is added, you can now notify your customers with Prepr content items. Learn more about Notifications.


Automatically generate preview links to quickly preview your content. The path to your content item consists of two parts: the domain construct and the slug construct. In Prepr you can easily manage both parts. Go to Settings > Publish > Models to manage the review URLs. Learn more about working with slugs.


A section is used to create separate groups of elements for your editors. This can be helpful when you want to separate the metadata from your content. Learn more about sections.