Model field: Dynamic content

The dynamic content field allows you to add an advanced editor without structured elements to your content item. It offers common text formatting options, such as headings, paragraphs, and social embeds, as well as more innovative fields such as content references and assets with cropping and alignment. We tried to make this everyday feature as user-friendly as possible to optimize your workflow. 

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Managing dynamic content in models

To add the dynamic content field to your model, go to Settings > Publish > Models and select Dynamic content.

This dynamic content field offers ten different elements, with endless variable options you can manage in the models:

  • Heading (including heading 1 - 6)
  • Paragraph (including eight formatting options)
  • Assets (including type choices and formatting options)
  • Social (including all major social platforms)
  • Quote, resource and location
  • Content integrations (learn more about content integrations)
  • Elements (learn more about elements)

Adding elements to the content field

The editor contains a large white area where you can type and easily decide which elements you want to add. To quickly add a new element in your field, press /, and a pop-up will appear with various elements to choose from. You can quickly add, change, delete, or move elements in the content reference.