Model field: Drag-and-drop editor

The field Drag-and-drop editor allows you to add an advanced editor without structured elements to your publication.

Default field settings

Every model field contains three basis field settings:

  • Title: the title of this field, shown in the publication as the field label
  • ID: the technical ID of this field, for API use for example
  • Help text: this text will be shown to editors below the field

Available elements

Available elements in the drag-and-drop editor are:


You can drag and drop a text element. You can choose between three text elements:

  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Code


Same as field number


The quote element allows your editor to emphasize something the main character of the publication said or explained.


A resource element contains a URL field and a label. You can switch the type of the resource field to webpage, audio, video, document, and other. Useful when your frontend uses different types of views for different resource elements.

Menu item

With a menu item (or 'navigation') you can manage the navigation of your frontend. Fill in a label, alt-text, and the URL or slug and drag them in the right order.


Same as field assets


Same as field location

Twitter post

Same as field Twitter

Instagram post

Same as field Instagram

Facebook post

Same as field Facebook

YouTube video

Same as field YouTube

Spotify playlist

Same as field Spotify


The card element is useful as a highlighted element, or as a banner. Fill in a title, subtitle, description, URL, and label. You can also add an asset to the card.


A drag-and-drop field has three options:

  • Required: Make this field required
  • Enable localization: Allow editors to manage this publication in multi-language

Important note

Publications check the API IDs of the model fields. Making changes to existing model fields can lead to broken publications.