Model field: Text

The text field allows you to add single and multi-line text elements to your content item. 


You can see the text field in three different states:

  • Single line
  • Text area
  • HTML editor
    • Within the HTML-editor you can use basic styling and also use paragraph styling to create headings 1-6


  • Required: Make this field required
  • Allow scripts: Make it possible to copy-paste (HTML-)code in a content item
  • Limit input: Indicate how many characters the text may contain in this input field. This option is useful, for example in titles when your website or app accepts a limited number of characters.

Entry title

The first text element in your model is set as an entry title. You can manually change the entry title to another text element by clicking 'Set as title' in the field list in a model. You can also set which text fields should be used as SEO title and which should be used as SEO meta description.