Model field: Text

The field Text allows you to add text elements to your publication.

Default field settings

Every model field contains three basis field settings:

  • Title: the title of this field, shown in the publication as the field label
  • ID: the technical ID of this field, for API use for example
  • Help text: this text will be shown to editors below the field


The text field can be visible in three different states:

  • Single line
  • Text area
  • HTML editor


A text field has three options:

  • Required: Make this field required
  • Enable localization: Allow editors to manage this publication in multi-language
  • Allow HTML and scripts: Make it possible to copy-paste (HTML-)code in a publication

Entry title

The first text element in your publication model is set as an entry title. You can manually change the entry title to another text element by clicking 'Make entry title' in the field list in a publication model.