Channels: content items per touchpoint

Simplify content workflows with one central location for all your content. Publish to touchpoints such as websites, apps, and social media easily, without the need to switch between systems. Every touchpoint can be a channel in Prepr.

Note: The channel functionality is deprecated

Add content items to a channel

To add a content item to a channel, go to the specific content item via Publish > Content items. Select the right channel in the dropdown below and click 'Add'.

Creating a channel

When you want to select a new channel, then you need to creat this channel first need to create this channel. To see a list of all channels, go to  Settings > Publish > Channels.

To add a channel click ' Add channel'. Fill in a title. The slug will be generated based on the title, but you can change it manually. Click 'Save', the channel is now visible in a content item detail.

Note: Channels are only visible when you have the 'Settings > Channels' permission.