Stories: collection of content items

A story is more than a single content item. A story is spread across multiple content items, multiple days and multiple touchpoints. But how do you efficiently manage stories and monitor engagement? Stories in Prepr helps keep your content items organized and shows you exactly how each story performs.

Creating a story

To see a list of all stories, go to Publish > Stories. Here you have a quick view of the number of content items in each story and their status. To add a new story, click 'Add story'.

Note: Stories are only visible when you have the 'Story' permission.

Add content items to a story

There are two ways of adding a content item to a story in a story or in a content item. 

In a story

To add a content item to a story, click on the title of the story. You will see a story detail, with all content items in this story. You can filter the content items based on status, assignee, language, tags, model, and publish time. To add a content item, click on 'Add content item' and follow the steps as described in 'Creating content items'.

In a content item

You can add your content item to a story in the content item itself. Select the story and click 'Add'. This option is only visible when 'Enable stories' is selected in a model.