Creating publications

Create stunning articles with our unique drag-n-drop editor. Add images, videos, social media posts, and lots of other elements to create beautiful rich publications. The availability of publication models depends on the user role and permissions you have.

Create a publication

To create a publication, go to Publish > Publications. Here you'll find a list of all publications in your Prepr environment.

To create a new publication, click on ' Add publication'. Select a publication model. Now the publication is created and you can start composing your publication.

Fields and elements

The shown fields depend on the publication model settings (see also Managing publication models). Each field can be required and can have a help text to help your editors use this specific field.

Scheduling publications

After composing your publication, it is time to decide the time to publish it. Select a publication time: default is the current time, but you are able to publish it in the past, and also schedule it in the future. Select the Archive time to unpublish your publication automatically. Learn more about scheduling and archiving publications.


The publication will not be assigned to an editor automatically. When your publication needs a review from one of your colleagues, assign this Prepr user. He will receive a notification at the top of his screen. Learn more about workflows, statuses, and assignees.


Prepr supports a Kanban workflow. New publications will be created with the status 'To do'. When you are composing the publication, you can manually switch the status to 'In progress'. 'To review' is the status when a publication needs a final 'go'. And the status 'Done' indicates the publication is ready to be published. The status 'Archived' can be used for unpublished, old, or draft publications. Learn more about workflows, statuses, and assignees.

On your Prepr dashboard, you will find a Kanban view. Here you can see which publications have been completed, what is being worked on, and which publications still have to be written. Learn more about workflows, statuses, and assignees.

Activity log

All acts in a publication are logged by Prepr. You can find the actions made by Prepr users in the activity sidebar. Here you have a clear insight into all status changes, assignees, and save actions.


When you want to make a collection of publications (for example around a certain theme), you can add your publication to a story. Select the story and click 'Add'. See also ' Stories: collection of publications'. This option is only visible when 'Enable stories' is selected in a publication model.