Receive and manage all incoming phone calls in one easy-to-use screen. Call listeners straight from Prepr. Connect your existing phone system with ready to use integrations.

Telos integration

Go to Settings > Integrations > Telos to integrate a Telos phone system. Fill in all required fields, such as IP address, port, Show ID and Studio ID.

Note: A Telos configuration needs an on-premise configuration as well. Please contact your Prepr account manager for more information.

Phone lines in Prepr

Once your Telos integration is completed, you'll see all available phone lines via On Air > Timeline > Phone lines. Here you have an overview of all outgoing and incoming lines.

When a customer already exists in Prepr, the phone line overview will show the known details, like full name, age, city and ranking.

When a customer has already won a prize, an orange label indicates the date he is excluded from contests.

From the phone lines view it is easy to make a call yourself. Click ' Make call' and search the customer or type in the phone number.

It is also possible to skip calls. Useful in contests when you want caller number x. Click ' Skip calls' and fill in the number of calls you want to skip. All calls will be skipped until the number has been reached. The orange warning will disappear and calls will continue 

Note: The option to skip calls needs to be activated by your phone line provider first.