Why is my timeline empty?

In a few cases the timeline ( On Air > Timeline) can be empty. Please make sure you followed all steps to build up a timeline.

Compose a clock

Clocks are the templates of your timeline. Go to Station > Clocks to see a full list of all your clocks. Edit a clock or just click 'Add clock'. Now you can compose your clock, by adding items. There are different types of items, e.g. News, Traffic of Music.

Every item has a default length, but you can set a different duration on each item.

Schedule your program

Once you composed you clock, the next step is to schedule your program via Station > Schedules > Programs. You will enter the schedule section in the changes schedule. Here you can schedule program changes on the default scheme. Switch to 'Default schedule' if you want to make a default program schedule. Click an item or an empty field and fill in the requested fields, such as program, days and the DJ's of this program.

Schedule a clock

To schedule a clock, go to Station > Schedules > Clocks. This is more or less the same flow as scheduling a program. Select your clock and click 'Save'.

Open a timeline

You are now ready to go. Open a specific timeline via On Air > Timeline. This action will build your timeline up from the clock and your schedules program. Your timeline is now ready to use.