Managing publication models

Use our flexible content model builder to structure your content exactly how you envision it. Whether it's landing pages or voice assistant commands, your options are endless. Prepr is fully customizable for your content needs. Define publication models for your content using a variety of fields and components. Drag and drop rich text fields, geo-points, images, color fields, relational fields, and build advanced relationships between custom types by linking models. Each field will be explained on separate pages.

Creating a publication model

To create a publication model, go to Settings > Publish > Publication models. Click ' Add publication model' to create a new one. Fill in the title and the description. This description will help editors publish by showing the purpose of this model.

Building up a production URL

Fill in the production URL and the slug structure for publications in this model.

Build your publication URL
To have a publication URL like this, you'll need to set the following parameters: (production URL), /{{channel}}/{{title}} (slug), Article (channel) and "This is an article" (title).

Using channels and stories

When you always publish a specific publication model to the same channel, you can preselect this channel in a publication model. For example: preselect channel 'News' for publication model 'News article'.

A story spans multiple publications, across multiple days and multiple touchpoints. When your organization uses stories for publication collections, you can allow editors to add publications to stories. Simply click ' Enable stories' and the Story module will appear in publications of this model.

Add fields to publication models

The final step will be composing the publication template. Click on ' Add field' to add fields as many as you want. All fields will be explained on separate pages.