Managing models

Use our flexible model builder to structure your content exactly how you envision it. Whether it's landing pages or voice assistant commands, your options are endless. Prepr is fully customizable for your content needs.
Define models for your content using a variety of fields and components. Add dynamic content editor fields, geo-points, images, color fields, content references (parent/child), and build advanced relationships between custom types by linking models. Read this article to get all model fields explained.

Creating a model

To create a  model, go to Settings > Publish > Models. Click ' Add model' to create a new one. Fill in the title and the description. This description will help editors publish by showing the purpose of this model.

Manage model names for GraphQL

When you use the GraphQL API to connect your frontend to Prepr, you can manage the GraphQL singular and plural type name in your model. The Type name is a PascalCase version of the model name, stripped of all non-alphanumeric characters. For example, the model name 'News article' generates a type NewsArticle (singular) and a type NewsArticles (plural).
If multiple models generate a Type with the same name, a schema collision error is returned in Prepr.

Manage model fields

The next step will be composing the model. Click on ' Add field' to add fields as many as you want. Read this article to get all model fields explained.

Manage review URLs

Automatically generate preview links to quickly preview your content. In Prepr it is possible to review content items on your own review URL. Typical review URLs are links to a production, acceptance, test, and development environment. Review URLs need to be set once in the model. Learn more about review URLs.

Manage model settings

A model has different settings, with which you can activate SEO, versioning, A/B testing, stories, and channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating high-ranking content in Google just got a lot easier with Prepr. The SEO Checker gives you instant feedback on how well your content is optimized for search engines. Enable SEO settings by activating the SEO toggle. Learn more about SEO in Prepr.


Keep track of all the changes in a content item, revert to a previous version when needed, and never lose a change thanks to revision history. Looking for an older version of your content item? Want to reset your last content item edits? Enable versioning by activating the versioning toggle. Learn more about versioning and restoring content items.

A/B testing

Prepr A/B tests give you the power to perform A/B tests with your content in an easy-to-implement way. By A/B-testing your content frequently, you increase CTR and time spent. Enable A/B testing by activating the A/B test toggle. Learn more about A/B testing.


A story spans multiple content items, across multiple days and multiple touchpoints. When your organization uses stories for content item collections, you can allow editors to add content items to stories. Simply click '  Enable stories' and the Story module will appear in content items of this model. Learn more about stories.

Channels (deprecated)

When you always publish a content item of a model to the same channel, you can pre-select channels in Prepr. For example: preselect channel 'News' for model 'News article'. You can even indicate whether selecting a channel is mandatory. Learn more about channels.

Updating a model

To change a model, go to the detail page of that model. Make the changes and save to apply.

Deleting a model

To delete a model, click ' Delete' in the model list view, or delete the model on the model detail page.