Data Usage

In the organization settings, you can have a closer look at the data usage of your environments. The usage you see is a sum of the data from all your environments. We recommend contacting support if you have any questions regarding your data usage.

Data Usage

Every object you've stored in your environments is called a record. E.g. a content item is a record and a customer is also a record.

The number of Gb of streaming of your assets. This field will be empty in the case you integrated your own AWS CloudFront account in Prepr.

The number of minutes transcoding. 1 minute of video counts as 1, the minute ratio of audio transcoding is 4:1.

Additional Data Costs

All the Usage that has exceeded your plan (red text) will be charged on your next invoice. The costs of records, streaming and transcoding are described in your license and SLA. You'll only see the additional costs of the current month. For historic usage data, you can check your previous invoices.

Note: The limits on users, environments and records according to your plan are soft limits. Prepr will continue working, but our account managers will contact you. The limit on streaming is a hard limit. When exceeding this limit, all extra Gb will come with additional costs, described in your license and SLA.