Fulfill prizes

As soon as the winner is recorded, the information shows up on the winners overview page. This is where fulfillment manages prize delivery. Every prize is listed as a separate entry.


  • Go to Station > Winners. A list with the most recent winners appears.

  • Use the filters to view only the winners that you are interested in. Like only prizes with the "To do" status.
  • Click a winner to view the details of the winner and the prizes. Here you can change the status of the prize and add a note.

  • Remove or add prizes when needed. Stock levels are adjusted automatically.

Fulfillment workflow
Prepr supports a basic fulfillment workflow with three statuses: To do (Blue), In progress (Yellow), and Done (Green). This provides a simple way to keep track of which prizes have been fulfilled already.

Exporting winners

Prepr provides several options to export winners as a CSV file:

  • Prize winners. An export containing the won prizes in the giving date range. This export contains one line per prize.
  • Packing list. An export containing the information needed to print address labels for sending off prizes. This export contains one line per winner.
  • Tax report. An export containing the information needed for gambling tax compliance.

Multi edit prize winners

It is possible to change the details of multiple winners at once. Click on the button ' Select rows' and select one or more winners. There are three edit options:

  • Change status
  • Print labels (as specified in Settings > Contests)
  • Delete winners