Create contests

Creating contests is done by adding prizes to memos. In other words: a contest is a memo with prizes. A contest is created in four steps.

1. Creating a memo

  • Go to Station > Memos to add a new memo. This is the same as adding regular memos.
  • Write the text for the memo. Include all necessary information for the on-air staff like how the contest should be executed and what sponsors need to be mentioned.
  • Make sure you add a tease-text to the memo. This text shows up at the top of the timeline and notifies on-air staff about the contest.

2. Attaching prizes to the memo

  • Click "Add contest" to enable the option to add prizes to the memo.
  • Select a prize from the drop-down box and click "Add". You can add as many prizes as needed.Adding email text

Prepr offers the option to send every winner an automated confirmation email.

  • Select the checkbox to enable automatic email notification.
  • Write the subject line of the email
  • Write the text of the email. You can use placeholders to include the name of the winner: {{firstName}} and {{lastName}}. For example, you can start the text with "Hi {{firstName}}".

3. Customizing the email template and sender

By default, the email is sent with the default Prepr template and email account. You can customize the template and email account to match your stations' branding. Please contact your system administrator or your Prepr consultant for more information.

4. Scheduling the memo 

You have three options to schedule the memo for the on-air staff:

  1. Schedule a memo for all programs (between publication time and archive time);
  2. Schedule a memo for one of more specific programs (between publication time and archive time);
  3. Schedule a memo in selected hours (between publication time and archive time)