Manage prizes

Store all prize information in one place, record contestants en screen winners. Send winner confirmations and fulfill the won prizes. All tax and GDPR are compliant.

Adding prizes

Start managing prizes by selecting Station > Prizes from the drop-down menu. Add a prize by clicking "Add prize" and add the necessary information.

Field Description
Title (required) The title of the prize is shown in the prize overview and to the on-air staff.
Description A description for your own reference.
Reference A reference number that can be used to uniquely identify prizes across multiple systems.
Contact A field to record a contact customer who is responsible for this prize.
Value and, Tax tier, and Tax value The value of the prize, and the percentage of the value that is required for tax purposes.
Participation interval The number of days a customer is excluded from contests after winning this prize. Changes in the interval after a prize has been won won't affect the exclusion date of a winner.
Minimum age The minimum age a winner must be to win this prize.
Fulfillment deadline The date the prize must be delivered to the winner. For example when sending tickets for an event.
Stock The stock level of the prize. This level can be adjusted.
Won The number of people who have won this prize. This number is calculated automatically and cannot be adjusted manually.
Required winner details Option to indicate what winner details are required when recording a winner. A first name, last name, and phone number are always required.
Category Categories of prizes are managed in tag groups. Go to Settings > Tag groups > 'Category' to manage tags and tag groups.
Fulfillment The fulfillment method options are managed in tag groups. Go to  Settings > Tag groups > 'Fulfillment' to manage tags and tag groups.

Setting the status of a prize

A prize can be given away on-air when the status is "Published" and when the publish time is in the past and the prize is not yet archived.

Common use cases

Here's some helpful advice for common prices.

Adding a set of prizes like a goodie bag

When you give away more than one prize during a contest, you have the option to enter every prize separately, or to combine prizes in one entry. The main concern is the fulfillment of the prizes. When prizes have different fulfillment methods, it's recommended to create different prizes. Otherwise, it can be more convenient to combine prizes into one prize entry.

Managing sizes, colors, days, and other prize options

Sometimes a winner can indicate a preference for a prize. Like the size of a t-shirt, or the day of an event. When you want to offer these choices, add the prizes as separate entries. For example, when you add a t-shirt, add different sizes: T-shirt Small, T-shirt Medium. T-Shirt Large, etc. This way you get the right stock levels for every option and on-air staff can easily indicate the preferred option.

Deleting a prize

When you delete the prize, it will no longer be available. We recommend you don't delete prizes, but you change the status to "Unpublished". When you are sure you want to delete the prize, go to the prize page and select " Delete prize".