Key features


Create publications, manage metadata and publish your content

13 articles

Content settings

Design your custom publication templates and elements step by step

19 articles

Roadmap & changelog

Get an inside view of the amazing features we’re building!

2 articles

Impact tools

Prepr Optimize

A/B-test your way into success

5 articles

Prepr Capture

Get ready to collect some data

4 articles

Prepr Notify

It's time to get personal

7 articles

Prepr Recommend

Recommend to increase engagement

2 articles

Prepr Analyze

Zoom in on results and improve if needed

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User management

Manage Prepr access for your co-workers and create custom user roles

8 articles


Manage your Prepr plan, download invoices, update company details

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Privacy and GDPR

Privacy regulations and GDPR compliance for your organization

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Prepr for Radio


All the guides to manage your prizes, contests, and winners.

5 articles

Integrations for Radio

Integrate traffic providers, live streams and phone systems to optimize your preps

3 articles


All the answers on Frequently Asked Questions / Prepr for Radio

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